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Boiler Break Downs in Croydon

If you are faced with a malfunctioning boiler one that has stopped starting up or the hot water runs out faster than usual or there is no hot water, to begin with, it may be time to give us a call.

Boiler breakdowns in Croydon are more frequent than you think due to the weather conditions and cold in this particular location. There is no way you can go a day without hot water and as such most customers keep using a faltering boiler despite clear indications. Nevertheless, with our heat technicians on the job, you don’t have to worry about the efficiency of your boilers. The most common Boiler breakdowns in Croydon are a result of inadequate maintenance. If a boiler is a malfunctioning way before it should, repairs may be the best solution and you might be able to restore function by call our crew in time. However, if repairs and breakdowns become frequent it may be wise to look into a replacement. The most common symptoms of boiler breakdown are

  • Uneven heat distribution across different water-supply points (temperature)
  • You run out of hot water regularly
  • The boilers pilot light is off
  • Inadequate gas or electricity supply to the boiler
  • Clogged pipes, vents, ducts, and accessories
  • Complete shut off (unable to restart)
  • Freezing indoors

Besides these, there are several other indicators of Boiler breakdowns in Croydon. Our crew will arrive at your location to examine the boiler, the water supply, the gas connections, and the electrical supply (electric boilers) to determine whether a repair is a solution or you may need a replacement. Once the inspection is complete you will receive an estimate and schedule from our crew followed by a contract. Once things are decided we will immediately begin working on the boiler.

Boiler Break Downs Croydon
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